Below are some of our Favorite Websites and Resources

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Reading Resources

This Reading Mama

This Reading Mama is one of my FAVORITE  GO TO RESOURCES when I’m looking for anything beginning reading. She has so many FREE READING resources! Check her out!


Kindergarten Mom

Kindergarten Mom has TONS of FREE great ideas to help you teach your kindergartner and preschooler.


The Short Books-   THE BEST RESOURCE available to help teach sight words (in context).

Homeschooling Resources  & Websites:

Confessions of a Homeschooler– FREE resources for homeschooling parents and parents who need extra resources to help their child at home.

Well Planned Gal- planners, lessons, and more!

The Homeschool Mom– has great information and FREE resources to help you get started.


Heart of Wisdom- Bible Based Homeschooling– Great homeschooling resources and links that are Bible based.

Learning Difficulties

Learning and Attention Issues is a great resource for parents of children with learning and attention issues. The website offers a tremendous amount of resources available to parents and teachers for FREE!


National Center for Learning Disabilities

The National Center for Learning Disabilities offers helpful information for parents of children with learning disabilities, as well as for teachers.

National Center for Learning Disabilities


Learning Disability Resources for Parents

The Learning Disability Association of America is another great resource for parents of children with learning disabilities. They offer FREE resources for parents who have children who struggle with learning and want to find out more information AS WELL AS for parents of children who have already been diagnosed with a learning disability.

Learning Disability Association of America


Navigating Learning Disabilities and the Cost for Treatment

Here is a good article written by Devonne Goode at The Simple Dollar about some of the types, treatment, and funding of Learning Disabilities. Be sure to check it out here: The Simple Dollar

Affiliate Resources

Good Sensory Learning

Good Sensory Learning offers many amazing multi-sensory learning materials for children with dyslexia and learning difficulties. This is a great resource for parents. Dr. Warren offers a variety of resources to help with learning difficulties and challenges as well as making learning fun and multi-sensory.

Good Sensory Learning



It is also a great program for parents who want to provide rich vocabulary instruction. It is also a great program for children needing extra support with vocabulary.  It was developed by Speech Language Pathologists and is researched based. Check it out!


Curiosity Pack

Curiosity Pack is a wonderful Homeschool resource for inquiry based learning. They offer Kindergarten readiness activities with a focus on teaching with empathy, curiosity, letters and numbers. While you are there be sure to check out their FREE Kindergarten readiness “cheat sheet”




Knowledge Box Central

Knowledge Box Central uses engaging and fun color psychology to help children retain what they have learned. The also offer Lapbooks to help students learn using a hands-on approach.



Little Passports

Little Passports is a monthly subscription service that teaches children ages 3-13 about other countries with fun and engaging products.


National Autism Resources

National Autism Resources offers games, toys, educational, and therapeutic devices for people on the Autism Spectrum. The founder chooses all products very carefully before selling them.